Professional Voice Over Services
for Engaging Experience

Voice Over

Thanks to our managing studio specialized in voice over recording backed up by their state-of-the-art technology, we have been serving the world’s most renowned clients, especially from the game industry, with great success. Much experienced in voice over recordings for AAA games, our pool of professional voice actors are ready to show off their talent not only for games but also for any kind of entertainment.

Complete Solution
Video Recording

Game Voice Over

100+ Qualified
Voice Actors

Dolby Atmos

Complete Solution

To engage your global audience, we provide a systematic process of recording, which includes voice actor and celebrity casting, voice recording, dubbing, audio file editing, rendering and mixing.

Professional Voice Actors

Talented voice actors with much experience in projects of large broadcasting companies are available for a wide range of languages.

Game Voice Over

Rely on our management competency developed by completing numerous voice over projects for AAA games, which often involve casting of over 100 voice talents.

Managing Studio

Five booths handle simultaneous recording sessions. From general recordings to Dolby Atmos recordings, experience the premium recording quality powered by the state-of-the-art technology.

recording process

  • 프로젝트 컨설팅

    Voice Actor Casting,
    & Studio Setup

  • 콘텐츠 번역

    Script Translation &
    Studio Recording

  • QA 및 고객사 1차 검수

    QA &
    Client’s Initial Review

  • 수정 녹음 및 2차 QA

    Pickup Session

  • 고객사 최종 검수

    QA &
    Client’s Final Review

  • 프로젝트 완료

    Project Completion