Multilingual Desktop Publishing
for Diverse Formats

Game and Software Testing Services
for Various Devices

Desktop Publishing

Our seamless desktop publishing process easily and quickly transforms your documents in any language you want from offline printing to online publishing.


Technical and linguistic testing services are offered for all types of devices. We closely evaluate and check if our translation is properly shown on the screen of the target platforms and devices. Testing is done in our security room with in-house testers to prevent leakage of sensitive data.

20+ Years of
DTP Experience

Utilization of
Professional Editing Tools

Multilingual Service

Final Result in
Original Format

Software Testing

Game LQA

Console Development Kits Ready in Place

Classified Security Room for

DTP Team

Our in-house engineers have acquired professional editing certificates and are always at your service to support your project in more than 60 languages.

Professional Software

We provide support with professional tools for the best possible results.

  • Adobe InDesign

    Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe FrameMaker

    Adobe FrameMaker

  • Quark Express

    Quark Express

  • Pages


  • MS Office 365

    MS Office 365

  • Hancom Office

    Hancom Office

Development Kit

A dedicated set of devices (e.g. desktops, smart phones and tablets) is solely used for the purpose of testing.
We have game development kits ready for various gaming consoles including PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System, such as Jira and Mantis, and any specific applications requested by clients are used in the testing phase.

testing process

  • 프로젝트 컨설팅

    Initial Project Consultation

  • 1차 테스트

    1st Round of Testing

  • 1차 버그 리포트 및 테스트 빌드 업데이트

    1st Bug Report &
    Build Update

  • 신규 빌드 통한 2차 테스트

    2nd Round of Testing

  • 2차 버그 리포트 및 업데이트

    2nd Bug Report
    Build Update

  • 3차 테스트 (리그레시브)

    3rd Round of Testing

  • 고객사 검수

    Client Review

  • 프로젝트 완료

    Project Completion