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Localization & Globalization

Localization & Globalization

  • We provide professional translation services with a dedicated team of professional linguists, each with their own specialty to meet your specific requirements.
  • A variety of neural machine translation engines and well-trained post-editors take care of your massive project with utmost precision.

Voice Over & Recording

  • In collaboration with our dedicated voice over recording studio, we provide recordings for various multimedia contents in multiple languages.
  • Our expertise and years of experience in handling numerous AAA game titles, which involved casting over 100 voice actors, help you easily plan out your largest scale project.


  • Various video content editing and subtitling are ready to fulfill your request.
  • Localization of video content is flawlessly handled by our professional subtitle team.

DTP & Testing

  • Our in-house desktop publishing engineers convert your hard-copy documents into any format you request.
  • From games to software, our technical and linguistic testing services are provided in all sorts of platforms and devices.

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